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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs counselling or psychotherapy?

Most people can benefit from therapy but in particular one needs to be open to change and taking a fearless look at oneself. Peoples’ motivation for change can be precipitated by life events or a growing dissatisfaction with their life, maybe a nagging doubt, a persistent feeling of what if, or a sudden and unexplained change in their moods.

How would I know if therapy was right for me?

Therapy might not be right for you but if you were to book an initial assessment we could sit down and discuss your case in detail and from there we can explore if therapy might be able to benefit you.

How long is each session, and how many sessions would I need to commit?

Each session is 50 minutes long, and they are held on the same day and same time for the duration of the therapy.

The therapy contract can be time limited anything from 6 weeks upwards, having a time limit can help to focus the work.

Or alternatively, it can be open ended. In other words, the therapy can be as short or as long as you want.

How much will it cost me?

The regular fee is £45to 55 but I operate a sliding scale based on what you can pay.

Would there be any difference in low cost counselling?

There is no difference in how one might experience low cost counselling. The sessions are still based on a 50 minute hour and can be limited to a few sessions, or alternatively, be open ended. The choice remains yours.

Low cost counselling is offered by various organizations and charities. One can even access free therapy through the NHS, what advantages can you offer?

Though it is true that one can access low cost counselling or even free therapy though various agencies and through the NHS. However, if you saw me, their would be no time limits, the therapy would last as long as was required, rather than dictated by the funding restrictions of the service. NHS would normally only offer 6 sessions, which is often experienced by the client as insufficent. Furthermore, I would be able to be more flexiblity around start dates, many agencies operate long waiting lists, it can take several months to be seen. More importantly, funded agencies have to meet targets and objectives, my own targets and objectives are to offer you the most appropriate therapy.

Where and when will the therapy take place?

Therapy is provided in Chippenham or online it is easily accessible by bus and train. The nearest train station Chippenham. There is also free street parking for those that drive.

The practice is open in the evenings and on Saturdays.

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